Online Zoom Holiday Camp

The Holiday Camp is a series of online programs for underprivileged children to learn something new at home during the COVID-19 pandemic! The themes and contents of the program are about all kinds of arts and culture. They are simple and interesting in order to increase children’s interests in arts and culture, develop diverse potentials, and explore themselves.

We also create a English environment (supplemented with Cantonese when necessary) for participants to establish a foundation for English development in listening, speaking and reading. In addition to hiring professionals to teach students, we also invite volunteers to serve as small tutors to teach online. We provide instructional guidance and prompts for them to gain practical experience and face challenges. It is the same as our organization's strategy - Development Opportunities.

In 2021, we conducted:

Online Summer Fun: 3 to 28 Aug 2020

Online Winter Program: 21 Dec 2020 to 8 Jan 2021

Online CNY Program: 16 to 19 Feb 2021