Our Donors

We are most grateful to have the generous donors (list of donors is shown below) to let us provide comprehensive services to people of all ages and all grades of students.Taking this opportunity, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our donors for their generosity and support to AMEF.


List of Donors in 2022-2023:

Bond West Consultants
Borving Investment Ltd.
Borving Investment Ltd.
Chan Yuk Sim
Chiu Samuel Lai Yin
Chung Kin Keung Kenneth
Feng Ling
Hair Foundation Ltd
Hei Kao Chiang Andy
Ko Chin Fung
Lee Hon Ting Jofee
Liu Sing Tung, Jessica
Lo Kai Yin
Lu Duanyi
Many Wells Property Agent Ltd
Many Wells Property Agent Ltd
MCH Group Asia Ltd
Nancy Maria Chang
Nicole Tong
Offlohi Ltd
Peter Lee Chun Wai
Prof & Mrs C.P. Lau
Shum Chin Pang Patrick
Studio Ray
Thang Kai Chi John
The Ink Society
Yu Kin Kuen