Our Background

Art Mentor Education Foundation (AMEF) was founded and established in June 2020. It is a charitable organization exempted from tax under Section 88 of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance – file number 91/17690.
AMEF aims to create a safe and effective platform for children and teenagers to enhance their artistic creativity and to promote self-development. We as a foundation strongly encourages young people to step out of their comfort zone, communicate with different social strata, learn from one another, and inspire one another as well. Through experiential learning while inheriting strong Chinese and Hong Kong culture, AMEF’s goal is to help young people build confidence, develop leadership and teamwork skills, and most importantly, learn to give back to society.
Combining elements of personal exploration, artistic creativity, cultural inheritance and community interaction, we are committed to consistently promote the importance of the arts and the community to further achieve social integration, cohesion and unity, thus build a harmonious society.