Our Team

Our Founder

Mrs. Susanna Hei 

Susanna Hei is a walking demonstration of the age-old idiom “actions speak louder than words”. She has always strived to turn her visions into actions, into reality. This dates back to her founding of Fine Art Asia with her husband, Andy Hei, in 2006. Fine Art Asia has grown to be recognized as Asia’s leading fine art fair, unique for offering a wide range of collectible fine art from the East and the West. 

Susanna is also a firm believer in the “positive cycle” and the power of education in helping people achieve their dreams: ‘People who have received help will become more willing to help others.’ It is not that others are fated to be unfortunate, nor is it that we are destined to be lucky. Everyone has their own unique experiences, and we should help others with our power. She founded Art Mentor International Ltd. specializing in musical theatre education and producing original music and stories for brand-new Broadway-style children's musicals in 2019. Other than providing musical theatre education to kids to develop their skills, the company also furnishes the young future by providing creative opportunities and work experiences.

Currently, Susanna has been expanding on this “positive cycle”, with the founding of the Art Mentor Education Foundation (AMEF) creating a platform to enhance the arts and the whole-person development of children and teenagers, where all involved benefit. Aside from professionals, AMEF finds Little Tutors, volunteers aged from 12 - 18, and trains them to teach children English and arts so that both sides benefit. The underprivileged children gain greater exposure to English and arts through fun extracurricular activities, whilst the Little Tutors gain teaching experience and realize their privilege and give back to society. AMEF is not just about raising academic levels. It is most notably about inspiring and establishing multiple “positive cycles” through community and learning.


AMEF Committee Member

Mrs. Angel Wong



Andy  Warren  Angelsiu

Mr. Andy Hei                                Mr. Warren Cheng                    Ms. Angel Siu

Founder and Director of Fine Art Asia         Director of Fine Art Asia                                Director of Chelesa Art Co. Ltd., Hong

Development Director (Fundraising)

David Lee


Mr. David Lee

Development Director (Fundraising)

David is a company director of a fresh produce import company. Meanwhile, he is also a yoga teacher with more than 15 years of experience in the Hong Kong theatre and movie industry as an actor. David is regularly involved in volunteer work with animal shelters and other charity associations.


Our Education Team

Mr. Kuby Chui (Renowned Calligraphy and Ink Painting Artist in Hong Kong)

Ms. Hilda Lam (The University of Western Ontario Masters of Vocal Performance; Classical and Contemporary Vocalist, Vocal Coach, Music Theory Instructor)

Ms. Wong Yee-ki (Master of Art Literature, CUHK)

Ms. Jacqueline Law (the EXCEL Pearson BTEC Level 4 Performing Arts (Musical Theatre) programme)