AMEF Musical Theatre

About Us

AMEF Musical Theatre aimed to popularise musicals in Hong Kong, to promote and widespread local original English Musical that are 100% made in HK. Musical combine vocal, dance and drama, it is a kind of emotional and sensual pleasure and oblique experience that other genre might not be able to deliver to the audience. Musical theatre actors require border and more challenging performance skills than traditional theatres, along with advanced demand prerequisite, musical does not seem to be a very popular genre in Hong Kong and the performing arts industry.

However, AMEF believes in the potential of Hong Kong musicals, to support, encourage and motivate the development of local performing arts, we curate 100% original musicals and performances that are made in HK, aimed to provide extra job opportunities in the industry. Our team welcomes experienced professionals, and passionate young fellows to join different positions, such as playwrights, directors, actors, and backstage etc. 

Let's create a beautiful local musical together!


Our Vision

  • To produce and develop a high quality, innovative and diverse repertoire
  • To provide job opportunities for young people
  • To raise audiences’ interest and appreciation, and life quality
  • Cultivate talents


Musical Ticket Donation

We have always attached importance to giving back to the society. We hope to continue to serve the society with "mutual help and love" and "caring for the community". We believe that artistic creativity and community interaction can change society, so we have been committed to promoting art and education while providing children and young people with a more diversified experience. We cooperated with Art Mentor to hold original English musicals, for example, On the Waterfront, the Miracle of Music, Annabelle: Guardian Angel, etc. There are more upcoming musicals in the future.

We also coorperated with other organizations and donated over thousands of tickets to children from low-income families, so that they can have the opportunity to enjoy the musicals.