Artistic Team

AMEF is committed to promoting theatre education. Schools interested in promoting musical theatre could invite us to hold musical theatre workshops. We will also invite experienced actors and artists in the performing arts field to conduct the workshop, interact with students and allow them to relax after class hours, and find beauty through our musical productions.

Musical combines not only vocal, dance, and drama, it is a kind of emotional and sensual pleasure and oblique experience that other genres might not be able to deliver to the audience, which our local students do not have many opportunities to get in touch with.


Our Artistic Team

Amos Wong 王樂行 Ashley Wong 黃雅妍 Clinton Chan 陳軍宇
Fred Cheung 張仲珩 Gary Cheung 張浩德 Hilda Lam 林欐
Jacqueline Law 羅皓妍 Jeffrey Liu 廖博林 Joshua Tang 鄧澤恩