Our Vision and Mission

Exposure to Art Since Childhood & Integrate Art Into Life

  • To establish a safe and effective platform for children and teenagers, promoting arts and culture and all-round development by providing opportunities to learn, experience, communicate, practice and develop professionally.
  • To transform the power of arts and culture into influential and continuous whole-person development and to promote arts education and community education.
  • To allow children and teenagers from different backgrounds to know each other, build friendships, and expand mutual aid networks in life.
  • Hope to understand and collect children‘s joy of art in different activities.
  • Bringing art to the public integrated with charity. Creating innovative charity ideas by the young generation. We would like to give our new generation not only autonomy but also value and affirm to let them make a contribution to society.

Core Values

01 Art Capacity Building

To expand children and young people's interest in arts and literature, develop multiple potentials, and explore themselves.

02 Talent Cultivation

Encourage them to explore their true interests and develop skills to stimulate creative inspiration and cultivate a sense of self-identity.

03 Broadening Horizon

Broadening their horizons via personal inspection to understand art and history. They also can experience cultural characteristics and appreciate new thinking though our programs.

04 Development Opportunities

Gain practical experience and face challenges to strengthen young people's sense of responsibility, leadership and resilience.

05 Giving Back

Establish a spirit of helping others and serving the society. Try to integrate art into life and community.

Target Audience

Hong Kong's children and teenagers including underprivileged families, single parent families, new immigrant families and ethnic minority families. We will also give young graduates opportunities and platforms so that they can accumulate experience and help more people in need.