Animal Water Color Painting Workshop

Animal Water Color Painting Workshop

Students learn about water color techniques and create artwork using those techniques. The course explores how we perceive and interpret water color visually, as well as how it evokes emotions. By blending, matching, and contrasting different water colors, students will gain a deeper understanding of their effects.


The theme of the painting is stray animals. The course aims to raise awareness of animal welfare among students and encourage their participation in animal protection programs.

Workshop Information
Date: 27th April 2024
Time: 16:00-18:00

Our Voluntary Tutor for Animal Water Color Painting Workshop:

Joyce Lam

Joyce is a creative recent graduate from City University of Hong Kong, passionate about art and exploring different mediums. She expresses her creativity through capturing animal beauty, creating animations, and bringing characters to life. Joyce utilizes diverse techniques like iPad illustrations, watercolor paintings, and traditional drawing to bring her visions to reality. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge with children, nurturing their creativity, and inspiring them to explore their artistic potential.

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