Read a Story, Write Your Own!

Read a Story, Write Your Own!

In this workshop, the young tutors guided the students in reading English stories. By helping the students understand the messages behind the stories, the young tutors enabled them to appreciate stories more deeply and learn the techniques of story creation. The students picked up new English vocabulary and sentence construction skills through this process. The tutor's enthusiastic instruction successfully motivated the students to actively participate in the class activities. The students were able to learn new vocabulary and grammar knowledge, and practice applying them in sentence building.

The young tutors began the lesson by introducing themselves simply in English to the students. Under the guidance and encouragement of the tutor, the students then took turns introducing themselves as well. Each student shared a bit about their own interests and favorite story books. After the student introductions, the young tutor responded thoughtfully to the students' English self-introductions. The tutor made sure to praise the students' active participation and engagement throughout this opening activity.

The young tutors carefully selected story books with lively and interesting content and illustrations, as well as appropriate difficulty levels, for the students to read. The tutors introduced several stories to the students. By playing short videos to present the story content, tutors also provided oral explanations. Through the dual guidance of visuals and audio, this approach helped the students better understand and remember the meanings of the words and phrases in the stories.


Workshop Information

Date: 29 June 2024

Time: 11:00-13:00

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