Rock Painting Workshop

Rock Painting Workshop

Rock Painting Workshop held by Mr. Alex was just completed at 24 Feb 2024!

In the Rock Painting Workshop, each student can paint two rocks under the guidance of the instructor. One is a personal rock for the children and the other is a "love stone". Students can give the stones to their family members, friends or even community members to spread love and kindness.

The instructor first demonstrated how to draw a picture, then our students design their own.

The instructor then instructed our students to paint the base colour on the stone. Different colours represented various messages that our students wanted to send to the people around them.

With the help of the tutor, students drew patterns and words on the stones. Some students chose to paint the stones as cartoon characters, while others chose to add heart-warming words and drawings.

Stone painting can help children improve their fine-motor skills and stimulate their creativity in an enjoyable painting process.


Voluntary tutor:
Mr. Alex Anzola Jürgenson

Mr. Alex is an experienced workshop teacher for underprivileged children with expertise in art therapy, curriculum development, data science, language teaching, programming, research, science education, STEM, teacher training, test preparation, web development, drawing, and science fiction. As a curriculum advisor and consultant, he implemented innovative teaching strategies. With a Bachelor's and PhD in Forestry, certifications in design thinking and teaching, and a passion for personal growth, Mr. Alex continues to make a positive impact on education and the lives of underprivileged children.

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