Scented Floral Candle Workshop

Scented Floral Candle Workshop

Students can discover the art of candle making while indulging in the enchanting scents of flowers. This hands-on workshop is designed to develop students' creativity and allow them to craft their very own scented floral decoration with the guidance of KCCA-certificated candle-making tutor, Ms Cindy Tang. 

During this workshop, students learnt the step-by-step process of making scented candles. Cindy guided them through the entire candle-making journey, sharing her knowledge and tips on selecting the perfect fragrance combinations and flowers into candles.

Apart from the candle designs and colouring, students also discovered different scents and blended their own unique fragrances, all scents are IFRA-certified to ensure optimum safety when inhaled.

Students took their creations back home and were ready to infuse their space with their handcrafted scented floral candle decorations.

Workshop Information
Date: 25 May 2024
Time: 10:00-12:00

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