Supermarket Voucher Donation

Supermarket Voucher Donation

Art Mentor Education Foundation hopes to support underprivileged children by providing supermarket vouchers. As the school term is coming to an end, the expenditure on extracurricular activities for these children has increased. We hope that this action can provide timely support for these families during this critical period.

These vouchers can be used to purchase food, hygiene products, and daily necessities at the supermarket. We hope that this can alleviate the financial stress of the parents to some extent, allowing them to more easily meet the needs of their children's extracurricular activities and interest classes.

During the supermarket voucher donation from May to June, a group of volunteers from Society for Community Organization (SoCO) were very actively involved in the activity. In addition to distributing the supermarket vouchers, the volunteers also cared about the situation of the assisted families, understood their actual needs, and expressed their care and support.

After the activity, the volunteers expressed that the activity was very meaningful, allowing them to personally experience the happiness and sense of achievement in helping others. They said that if there are similar activities in the future, they will invite more friends and family members to participate together, hoping to gather more positive energy and reach out to support those in need in society. Some volunteers even said that this activity has inspired their future volunteer service direction, and they hope to continue to participate in similar public welfare activities to contribute to society.


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