Colour and Emotion: Art Theraphy Workshop

We believe children are natural-born creators, it is more like an instinct for them to express themselves through painting, sketching or creating on paper than to respond to intellectual questions. Through images, colours and imagination, children can easily communicate and express themselves by telling stories and active art-making, and creative process. Therefore, art activities are easier for children to participate in.

In this art therapy workshop, we wish children could use colours to express their emotions and thoughts that are indescribable in words and through visuals to communicate with others. At the same time, they will enjoy and feel relaxed in the painting.

In the beginning, we will let children understand different emotions in different situations, such as happiness, worry, anger, etc. ASD patients generally have difficulty expressing their feelings, thoughts and intentions to others. Therefore, they can understand different emotions through warm-up activities. Colour is closely related and used to express emotion. Warm colors can express happiness and excitement; cold colors can convey negative emotions.

In this workshop, we will introduce and help children express their feelings through art creation. After the warm-up activity, children will create a handprint butterfly. They will use crayons to print the palm on the paper as the core part of the butterfly and then stimulate their creativity to complete the painting.