AMEF Show Choir Training Course @ Dpark

AMEF Show Choir Training Course aspires to empower children and teenagers from underprivileged families aged from 4 to 17 to take centre stage in professional vocal performance productions. Under the supervision of our professional vocal coach, choir members will be guided through professional training practice, and vocal techniques such as breathing, voice placements, diction, and music theory in a joyful and healthy environment.

By learning, practising and performing original music composed by Art Mentor, choir members will develop their artistic talents and achieve real stage performance experience, learn the importance of team spirit through interesting and well-organized practices, and strengthen their abilities and confidence in communication.

Class Details: 

Date: October 2022

Time: 4 - 6pm


Class size: 15 pax

Target participants: Aged 6 - 18

Class language: Cantonese and English