Art Therapy Workshop 2022

We believe children are natural-born creators, it is more like an instinct for them to express themselves through painting, sketching or creating on paper than to respond to intellectual questions. Through images, colours and imagination, children can easily communicate and express themselves by telling stories and active art-making, and creative process.

In this Art Therapy Workshop, we wish to introduce art as a tool of practice for mindfulness and self-healing, especially to children with neurodevelopmental disorders' syndromes. In four one-hour sessions, our tutor introduced the use of three different art forms, including circle painting, Chinese painting and mosaic art. Students will acquire the knowledge on how to achieve the therapeutic effect through art creation, such as releasing emotion and stresses, exploring one’s strengths and weaknesses, etc. Through the art-making process, we wish to foster their self-esteem and self-awareness and enhance their social skills, helping children to explore more about themselves while enjoying art with safety guidelines.