“Classroom of Creative Art” Program

AMEF provide free art education for our members. This program provide children with more intensive arts training and enhance their artistic sentiments, awareness of arts, enjoyment of arts and cultural accomplishment. It not only allows children from low-income families to enjoy high-quality art education, but also expresses themselves through artistic creation. We will invite professional instructors from different art fields to teach.

The training period of this program is 3 years:

  • Year 1

    Children can experiment with different medium of art to broaden their horizons.

  • Year 2

    A mentor is assigned to a child based on their interests and trained for one year under his mentor.

  • Year 3

    Various performances and exhibition opportunities will be arranged.

Graduates will be encouraged to become our art volunteers or junior teachers so that they can learn how to give back to society. We conduct annual assessments for students each year to determine their suitability for continued participation in the course. At the end of the 3 years program, we will try our best to win scholarships for outstanding students to continue their artistic path.

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