CNY Luminous Film Lighting Workshop

The original form is glass painting, which is drawn on glass with oil paint, gouache, or traditional Chinese paint. Using the transparency of glass, it depicts landscapes, flowers and birds, auspicious patterns, etc., with bright colors and strong contrast to enhance the overall painting. This workshop is aimed at primary to advanced primary school students. The acrylic transparent film will be used instead of glass. It is hoped that students to learn how to mix colors on transparent painting boards. With the rabbit pattern, they glow at night as decorations at home with the Lunar New Year's theme.

The first lesson mainly introduces the basic historical background and painting characteristics of glass painting, and provides pre-printed patterns for drawing, allowing students to create line drawings based on them. The second lesson is to demonstrate how to use the transparent properties of the film to color and color, and cooperate with the luminous properties to allow students to create New Year's night lights by themselves.