Color Theory Workshop

In this course, students will be learning about color theory and creating and artwork by applying the color theory. It explores how we visually see and interpret color and also, how we emotionally process it. It will help students to have a deeper understanding of the effects of colors when they are blended, matched, or contrasted with one another. Students will also learn about two new art style in other two lesson, Pop Art and Pointillism.




Pop Art

It is a type of art that mainly came from commercial fine arts and is distinguished by elements of popular culture, such as larger versions of comic strips, fast food, and brand-named packaging.  





Color theory is essential for students because it stimulates cognitive development, enhances imagination, increases visual understanding, introduces aesthetics and design concepts, promotes cultural understanding, and has practical uses in numerous aspects of life. Using this knowledge they will have to create their own artwork. This will help students to decision making ability and strengthen critical thinking.