Cyanotype Workshop

Cyanotypes are one of the oldest photographic printing processes in the history of photography. The distinctive feature of the print is its shade of cyan blue, which result from its exposure to ultraviolet light. Following a 3-step process of coating, exposure and development to reveal the final product as the blue darkens. Through this workshop, students can cultivate their ability of observation and creativity by observing the change of light and shade details as the sensitiser chemicals react to light when exposed, and learn to use this special characteristic of cyanotype to create their own collage. 

This workshop contains two units, aimed to introduce the culture and skills of cyanotype step and step and to further raise their awareness and interest in local historical architectures. 



1) Introduction of Cyanotype: Plant Bookmark DIY 

This lesson introduces the brief history and prime theory of cyanotype production, to understand how chemical and sensitiser solutions infect the texture and quality of the outcome. Students can create their own bookmark and collage with the dry plants and flowers supplied by the tutor. 


2) Cyanotype Negative Film Development:  Historical Architectures of the West Kowloon District

After the first lesson of introduction with basic skills on developing cyanotype work, participants will be based on some photo records of historical architectures around the West Kowloon District to learn about negative film development with cyanotype techniques. We wish to raise the awareness of the participants towards the local historical culture, the more they relate to the city and identity they belong to, the more cyanotype photo meant to them. Participants divide into groups to create, develop and share the photo and architecture they have chosen.