Face Painting Workshop

Art Mentor Education Foundation is honored to have Vene, our professional voluntary tutor lead a Face Painting Workshop on 25 Mar 2024. The tutor started with an introduction to different types of brushes. Then, each student got to unleash their creativity by selecting their own colors and creating unique face-painting patterns. Once they had mastered their designs on paper, the tutor helped them paint their own hands.


When you think of face / hand painting (thereafter, "face painting"), images of fun fairs and birthday parties may come to mind. Face painting is a unique art form, it uses the body as a canvas. The face painting materials we use are approved by The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which meet safety and regulatory standards. Face painting inspires participants to go beyond traditional painting; it unleashes creativity for participants of all age. It is instant, colorful, fun and happy.


This workshop aimed to promote participants' creativity, help them to get focus, relieve stress, and bring happiness and satisfaction through painting on templates and on their own hands / faces. The paint can be wiped away easily so participants can paint freely in their own style and do not need to worry about making mistakes.

Voluntary tutor:
Ms. Vene

Vene is an accountant as well as a qualified professional facepainter who is passionate about facepainting. For almost a decade, she has been cooperating with different organisations serving as a facepainter in kids party and fun fairs during her leisure time, of which in many occasions being a volunteer.

Vene considers that colourful facepainting not only can bring happiness, but also can unleash one's creativity and help one to stay focus. She loves having interactions with kids and hopes that her workshops can create joy and bring a variety of benefits to the participants.