Interactive Music Workshop

In this workshop, the instructor led the students to play rhythm games and let them try out different songs. The instructor also added role-playing elements to the songs so that students could have an experience of "call and response" in musicals. This workshop aims to let students try different singing techniques, try to enjoy singing, and relax. Singing with simple dance movements can enhance students' body control and melodic memory, as well as let them express themselves more freely in front of others.



The instructor greeted each student with a song accompanied by a Ukulele. The names of the students were inserted in the lyrics so that the students could concentrate and feel more involved. After greeting each student, students can sing together.



The teacher teaches students different solfège and leads the students to play a rhythm game where each student makes a beat that corresponds to the English names of different fruits.



Students were divided into two groups to learn a song. One group played the role of farmer and the other group played the role of rabbits. The two groups sang and responded to each other while dancing, like a mini-musical.