Our Program

1. "You During PandemicPainting Competition

The spread of the disease has been alarming and we quarantine at home.  The government also plans to bring summer holidays forward. In the face of this sudden break, how will you use art to explore your creativity when you are staying at home? We are currently holding the "You During Pandemic" painting competition. You can use the paint brush and design your own cartoon doll. It will become the main character of fighting against virus. 

Deadline: May 31st 2022

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2. Design Cards For Us

 We believe that every child is a born artist and we encourage children to explore their imaginations. Therefore, we sincerely invite children to create art and the art medium is not limited. We will make their artworks into a series of charity thanksgiving cards. The artwork will become a love and blessings for the beneficiaries.  A heartfelt thanks from the children to the donators! 

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