Kwon-Glazed Porcelain Art Workshop

Canton Porcelain (also known as Kwon-Glazed porcelain) is a form of traditional ceramic art, and is also part of the Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Database. Kwon-glazed porcelain is the Cantonese characteristic style of ceramic ware, which involves outlining, adding colour and re-glazing the ceramic in the kiln. Throughout the centuries, Canton porcelain has been recognized as an inherent part of the history of Guangzhou, and as Hong Kong has been known to be one of the principal exporters and manufacturers of Kwon-Glazed porcelain, Hong Kong has formed its own style and thus this characteristically Hong Kong-fashioned ceramic art is a sunset industry.
Folk art and culture use human stories, antique-like photos, landscapes, nature, and animals as subjects. We also hope that the students can pick up on the symbolic significance behind the ornamentation used in Canton porcelain. For example, the character is used to illustrate eternity and longevity, and the depiction of a bat signifies luck. We hope that students can design their own border to imitate Kwon-Glazed porcelain, and be inspired by folk art and ceramics during the creation process.