Mid-autumn Festive Card DIY Workshop

During the Mid-autumn festival, AMEF organized the Festive Card DIY Workshop for celebrating this special day. Participants would be learning how to create 3D greeting cards by making use of lightweight clay to knead and pinch different shapes.

Students would be taught some crafting techniques in the first lesson, and try to accomplish some cartoon animal-shaped cards, such as pubbies and bunnies by making good use of their imagination. They would then later be provided with time at the second lesson,  to create freely without retrictions but with simple guidance, to develop and create their own version of Mid-autumn festival greeting cards by applying clay models that were shaped in festive objects to the card, such as the moon, rabbit, mooncake, Chinese lantern and so on. Through this simple DIY workshop, participants are hopefully being able to enjoy the fun of handcrafts and get this opportunity to send their festive greetings to family and friends.