"Mini Collections, HKMH" Workshop

From August 5th to October 2nd, Art Mentor Education Foundation and the Hong Kong Museum of History collaborated to organize a workshop, where students can engage in archaeological fieldwork and create their own miniature artifacts.



During each 15-minute session, participants will receive a set of safety goggles, a clay brick, and basic archaeological tools. Inside the clay brick, you'll find a "miniature artifact" inspired by the collections of the Hong Kong Museum of History. There are three types of miniature artifacts, which will rotate periodically.



With the provided tools, students will excavate the hidden artifacts from the clay bricks, simulating the process of archaeology. Following the excavation, the instructor will introduce the related collection and its historical context.



The workshop is free of charge and does not require advance registration. Our aim is to provide visitors to the Museum of History with a hands-on experience that deepens their understanding of history, culture, and heritage.