"Reimagining Oracle Bones Inscription" Art Workshop

By using “Oracle Bones Inscription” as an inspiration, this workshop aimed to lead participants to seek the origin of their writing script, “Chinese”, so as to encourage their exploration and reconnection to their cultural background and self-identity. And lastly, respond to Hong Kong’s history and culture with their own artworks, by collaborating with local young artists. The final artwork will be exhibited and participated in a charity sale at the 2022 Fine Art Asia, with free admission for all participants.

This workshop is divided into classes A and B, for participants to explore and reimagine Oracle Bones Inscription from two different perspectives, A) Singular Character, and B) Passages. Participants would be able to learn about the history and etymology of oracle bones scripts by reinventing and creating their own version of Oracle Bones Scripts, participants will later create their own artworks with ceramics. The final outcome of their artwork will be finished by having a crossover with some local young artists. Through this workshop, we wish to introduce traditional Chinese culture and art history through different media, including calligraphy and ceramics, to explore the diversity of texture and materials for expressing oneself through various art forms.


Post-workshop Exhibition:

"Blessing Hong Kong: Reimagining Oracle Bones Inscription" Exhibition