School Outreach Education Program English Musical Creation and Training

AMEF attaches great importance to arts education, community education, and whole-person development so that children from different backgrounds can integrate and help each other. Musical is a stage performance that combines music, singing, acting, dialogue, and dancing, and it is popular all over the world. The program begins with learning music by listening, emotional expression, and meaning of lyrics. After having a basic understanding of the songs of the musical, students will create actual musical stories and lines in accordance with the tutor’s guidance. The tutor will choreograph the dance steps and train the students to perform their musical stories on stage.

We also provide employment opportunities to young people in this field besides providing a stage for low-income children to shine on stage. Let's create a bigger stage where children can shine. Through this special sponsorship program, we can fully innovate and implement sustainable projects, and continue to adhere to the mission of AMEF.

The purpose of this program has 3 key points:

  • Cultivate children‘s musical talents and increase confidence to become an excellent stage performer。
  • Improve English expression skills
  • Provide employment opportunity

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