Teens & Kids Performing Arts Camp

The 3-day programme consists of 7 classes built around several areas in dance, music and theatre. Spanning from Hip-hop to Ballet, the participants will explore their enjoyment and discover their strengths and weakness through the classes designed by each tutor. Through this programme, we would like to provide the opportunity for the students to experience different elements of performing arts. This introductory course begins with an overview to arouse interest in and appreciate the art form.



Day 1

Day 2

Day 3




Get in the Groove

Challenge Yourself

Break your limits


1200 – 1400


Hip Hop




Musical Theatre Dance & Singing



1420 – 1620


Beatbox & Rap




1640 – 1840


Rhythm & Body Percussion


Physical Theatre


Acting Workshop



Hip-hop: Learning basic hip hop dance movements and keeping rhythm, and followed with a short choreography developing body coordination and musicality.


Beatbox & Rap: Learning to make the fundamental beatbox sound such as bass drum and hi-hat, and incorporating with rhythmic speech to develop into a musical composition.


Rhythm & Body Percussion: Learning about rhythms in different music styles and exercises at different tempos, and followed by a short choreography combining movement and music.


Musical Theatre: Introducing Musical Theatre and learning to combine singing, dancing, acting and stage techniques in a single performance.


Acrobatics: Developing strength and stability through learning gymnastic moves such as handstands, and forward and backward rolls in a ‘fun’ way. The experience will motivate individuals to overcome fears and become more confident.


Ballet: Learning and experiencing the foundation of ballet technique with an emphasis on understanding correct body placement. A short ballet choreography will be taught.


Physical Theatre: Learning the genre of theatrical performance that expresses ideas and devises through movement rather than dialogue. The class is an interactive workshop, which wishes to explore acting and storytelling through physical movement.


Acting Workshop: Through a series of theatre games and speaking exercises, the workshop encourages students to express their feelings and views for the classes to conclude the 3-day programme.



Explore music rhythm and musicality within our body through dance and making music.


Incorporates strength, flexibility and coordination to develop a strong mind and body to overcome difficulties.


Turn the impossible into the possible! Combining skills together and exploring the possibilities in talents.