The Ink Society X AMEF Online Chinese Ink Painting Program 2022

Program 1: Learning Chinese Ink Painting from YouTube Instructional Video

For more than a thousand years, the ink has been the principal medium for painting and calligraphy in China. It incorporates the moderation of Confucianism and the balance of Taoism. With the support of The Ink Society, Art Mentor Education Foundation (AMEF) will create a YouTube Instructional Video about Chinese ink painting for underprivileged students to experience the joy of Chinese ink Painting easily. We are cooperating with the Society of Community Organizations (SOCO) to recruit low-income students to participate in this online program. Students can learn the base skills of ink painting step by step through the video. They can enjoy the teaching video provided by our professional Hong Kong ink artist. Students are taught to create with traditional Chinese ink painting techniques and create an ink painting after watching the video. In addition to learning-related techniques, participants can also inspire students to learn about Chinese culture, hoping that everyone can experience the fun of traditional ink painting. Each of them can receive a small gift as an encouragement after they complete and submit their work to us.


Program 2: Chinese Ink Painting Zoom Workshop

Art Mentor Education Foundation (AMEF) will launch a Zoom workshop about Chinese Ink Painting for underprivileged students who are very interested in this traditional art form with the support of The Ink Society. In addition to the Ink artist's demonstration and student creation, this workshop also included culturally oriented content, such as explanations of ink painting techniques, and cultural backgrounds. Students can directly interact with our ink artist, to increase their interest in Chinese ink painting.  We believe that under this method and the guidance of professional instructors, students can experience the charm of traditional Chinese ink painting more comprehensively.